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The Homelegance Bedding Collection presents our line of gel-infused memory foam mattresses that form to your body, creating a customized sleep experience that is as unique as you are. The fabric covering the mattress contains Tencel, a breathable material that allows for a comfortable night’s sleep no matter the season. Our 10-inch mattresses features a triple layer construction that consists of: 2.5-inch gel-infused memory foam, 1.5-inches of plush foam and 6-inches of high-density base foam – and are offered in Twin, Full, Queen, Eastern King, California King, Eastern Twin XL, California Twin XL, split Twin XL Eastern King, split Twin XL California King and Display Cube. All gel-infused memory foam mattresses are suitable for an adjustable base. The Homelegance Bedding Collection creates the perfect fit for your personal sleep experience.
Model Description Dimensions
MT-G10T 10" Twin Gel Mattress 38 x 74 x 10H
MT-G10F 10" Full Gel Mattress 53 x 74 x 10H
MT-G10Q 10″ Queen Gel Mattress 60 x 80 x 10H
MT-G10EK 10″ Eastern King Gel Mattress 76 x 80 x 10H
MT-G10CK 10″ California King Gel Mattress 72 x 84 x 10H
MT-G10ET 10" Twin XL Gel Mattress 38 x 80 x 10H
MT-G10CT 10" California King Twin Gel Mattress 36 x 84 x 10H
MT-G10ET*2 10″ Split Eastern King Gel Mattress (2-Piece) 76 x 80 x 10H
MT-G10CT*2 10″ Split California King Gel Mattress (2-Piece) 72 x 84 x 10H
MT-G10DC 10" Mattress Display Cube 12.5 x 20.5 x 10H
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MT-G 10'' Gel-Infused Memory Foam
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