Medical Lift Chair

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Product Description

Your back, hip, or knee pain will be alleviated thanks to the helpful ministrations of the Oscar Medical Lift Chair. The wired remote allows you to raise the seat to your standing position, and then gently lower yourself to a seated posture. Greater comfort is achieved by the capacity to recline the back independently from the power footrest so you can fine-tune your position at any time. Getting out is just as easy as getting in by reversing the process so you can stand with less effort on your joints. Plush cushioning with stitch detailing creates visual interest while intensifying the cozy feel, especially with the inviting sensation of the brown polished microfiber upholstery. With its silky touch and undeniable function, the Oscar will quickly become the most coveted seat in your household.

Weights & Dimensions

  1. Overall Gross Weight: 106.70 lbs
  2. Overall Net Weight: 96.80 lbs
  3. Overall Dimension: 30 x 36 x 40.25H
  4. Seat Width: 21.8"
  5. Seat Depth: 20.6"
  6. Seat Height: 20"
  7. Arm Height: 26"
  8. Fully reclined length: 61.5"
  9. Fully reclined height: 33.5"
  10. Highest height when fully lifted: 53.5"

Product Details

  1. Country of Origin: China
  2. Motorized medical lift chair for those with mobility concerns, recuperating from an incident, recovering from a medical procedure, or with chronic musculoskeletal ailments
  3. Designed for those who risk a fall, discomfort, or pain when getting in or out of a living room chair
  4. Alleviates pain to neck, back and joints by eliminating the need to support yourself when lowering into or pushing up from a seat
  5. Wired power remote raises chair to your standing position at a steady, measured pace controlled by the touch of a button
  6. Fashioned as a regular recliner, but doubles as a medical assistant
  7. Recommended by doctors and therapists
  8. Silky brown polished microfiber upholstery
  9. Plywood and metal frame construction
  10. Side storage pocket ideal for remote, electronic devices, or magazines
  11. Assembly required
  12. Fabric Type: Polyester
  13. Fabric Color: Brown
  14. Fabric Content: Polyurethane foam and polyester fibers
  15. Fabric Cleaning Code: Upholstery (S)


  1. Number of Boxes: 1
  2. Overall CuFt: 15.2
  3. Package Dimension: 31.5 x 30 x 27.75H
  4. Piece per Carton: 1
*Due to supply chain headwinds, ETA for confirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 8 weeks from current ETA dates. ETA for unconfirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 12 weeks.